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Introduce new life into your living room or family room with these gorgeous color trends.

Bringing updated color into your decor is all about adding that unexpected “sizzle” or “wow” moment with an accent wall or cushions, and other accessories. Inject new color into your living room to help tell those stories about your life.

Trends in color now include:

  • Contemporary elements such as textured wallpaper with metal threading instead of shimmery paint.
  • Add a little glamour like a crystal chandelier in the dining room table or an ornate painting over the fireplace mantel can transform a room. The colors are muted and more restrained.
  • Look for things that add a bit of glamour and contemporary elegance to a space, and also reflect the colors to open up the room.
  • If you have artwork on the walls, white is a great background color. White doesn’t overpower what you’re trying to showcase with your artwork.
  • New shades of Neutrals are great for soul-satisfying earthy tones are great to relax in, and enjoy the company of friends and family. They aren’t the old standard beige.
  • Choose furniture and upholstery that are neutral, then get bolder with the colors of the walls, accessories and fixtures in the room.
  • Warm reds are a great accent color for living rooms because it’s warm and cozy, and makes people want to stay in a room longer. It’s also energizing, so it encourages people to talk.
  • Have some unadulterated fun in at least one area of living space. Add color to set the tone or create a dramatic look for a special space.