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Selecting Colors for your Home Made Easy

Choosing a color palette for your interior walls can be that easy.

Living Room Color Trends

Introduce new life into your living room or family room with these gorgeous color trends.

New Thinking in Color Trends

The idea of living in color is appealing to most, but finding the right color scheme might seem a daunting task.

Coopersburg Painting and Paperhanging grew from the success of its parent company, Coopersburg Construction. Our experts, with years of painting and paperhanging experience, are neat, knowledgeable, and meticulous.

The qualities that set our team apart — from thoughtful attention to detail to friendly yet professional service — are the same qualities that make your project come together. From the moment you contact us to the day you see your finished surface, you will understand why we win business and keep customers.

As a reputable division of a company with more than forty years satisfying customers, Coopersburg Painting and Paperhanging has learned a lot about service. By spending time getting to understand your needs, we are better able to foresee challenges that could arise and help you with decision-making. It is our efficiency, talent, and customer-focus that makes our team stand apart from the rest. We are insured, hardworking, and dependable.

We are known for our company-wide commitment to quality workmanship. What we hear time and time again from our customers is that our people go beyond expectations. Sometimes it’s about dropcloths and the taping of baseboards. Others it’s about a seemingly impossible removal and repair that made a wall look good as new.

Coopersburg Painting and Paperhanging is different because we:

    • insist on the highest quality materials
    • apply years of experience to each job
    • handle every aspect of your project

No matter what task you need assistance with, you can trust Coopersburg.

Nothing Replaces an Award Winning Experience

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