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Glamour color palette

First, know that if you are in the mood for bold colors, the timing is right. They are absolutely in fashion. Gather some color courage, be bold and know that with risk often come great rewards. Let confident Red, gorgeous Purple, intriguing Blue or happy Yellow help you define a place where you feel at home.

Instinct – The soul of Instinct is warm and authentic. It fuses the ancient, mythological, raw, and the primitive with a highly technical modern-day aesthetic. Instinct belongs to a citizen of the world with grown-up tastes and could be simply described as a mix of ethnic exoticism and modern sophistication.

Glamour – The mood is glamorous and mysterious. Glistening metallics and intricate motifs invite to a sophisticated decor. With a contemporary perspective, it lets us bring to life a new gold standard connecting the past with the present.

New Bohemia – A whimsical sense of design, and a rebirth of craft. New Bohemia is a pastoral trend that blends bucolic elements with second-hand objects for an authentic look that updates the vintage aesthetic for a contemporary age. The composition of floral inspiration, mix of modern and craft with a feminine touch transforms the place in an original but authentic home.

Simplicity – Is about living simply… It offers an honest yet elegant way of life. It is a philosophy steeped in the human desire for clarity, function and craftsmanship that refuses waste and love to reclaim the beauty of things past.